Business Call-to-Action

Join leading environmental NGOs and global seafood supply chain businesses in supporting the call for 100% observer coverage in industrial tuna fisheries. Because … Unmonitored tuna fisheries are unacceptable.

Statement of Support

In many tuna fisheries around the world, the lack of independent monitoring of fishing activity means there is much we cannot see – including many known conservation and compliance problems such as illegal fishing, misreported or unreported catch, and bycatch of endangered, threatened & protected species. What we can’t see creates risk to fish stocks, to fisheries, and to companies that purchase tuna.

Regional Fisheries Management Organizations (RFMOs) have the power to reduce these risks by requiring 100% observer coverage – human and/or electronic – on industrial tuna fishing vessels. 100% observer coverage provides the means to mitigate the conservation and compliance issues that put tuna stocks, ocean ecosystems, and tuna supply chains at risk.

100% observer coverage can and must happen soon. There are no longer credible reasons to delay.

We are committed to working together to make 100% observer coverage a reality.

To add your organization’s voice in support of fully monitored tuna fisheries, contact us now.